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Constant Innovations in Technology are Changing the Way Healthcare Operates

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It’s no surprise that everything evolves, and healthcare is not exempt, especially when it comes to new advances in technology. Innovations in the technological medical field can provide more freedom, cut costs, and reach more patients than ever before, engaging with them in ways we’ve never seen. New technology such as AI chatbots can be utilized to set up appointments and provide basic information, which can alleviate long wait times on the phone and provide faster scheduling. Here are just a few of the healthcare technologies that are being used now that can be beneficial.



This cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform was developed by neurosurgeon David Langer. Its function is to deliver physician-patient video encounters to patients’ smartphones or computers, providing explanations of treatment plans, diagnostic images, and procedures. These features are especially important when it comes to the patient’s ability to share important healthcare information with families, friends, other providers, and specialists. The application is free to patients, and healthcare providers have the option to use it via desktop, mobile app, and an administrative resource. Research by Press Ganey has shown the technology to be helpful when it comes to a better understanding of medication, decisions about treatment, retention, and understanding of information.



This is a wearable device, roughly the size of a key fob that can measure patients’ breathing, heart-rate, sleep, and movement. The device conveys the collected data to a healthcare provider’s dashboard or smartphone. The health tag uses artificial intelligence to detect physiological patterns that could detect possible problems or underlying issues. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hopes that one day this device will detect and issue alerts that an individual may be coming down with the flu or other illness before he or she is even aware.



Much like the application Snapchat, EASE (Electronic Access to Surgical Events) has 60-second messages that enable surgical teams to communicate with family members during surgery, putting their minds at ease. Created by three physicians, the HIPAA-compliant messages and images disappear once reviewed on a smartphone. To enhance security and protect privacy, all messages are deleted from consumer phones and servers forever and cannot be saved. Studies of EASE have shown higher patient satisfaction results in terms of how they felt informed, supported, and even how likely they were to recommend the hospital.



This application essentially puts patients with COPD in the driver’s seat, when it comes to their healthcare and management of conditions. The app uses guidelines to address the physical and psychological factors of their health including:

  • Video physiotherapy and exercises
  • Psychosocial support through audio-based relaxation exercises
  • Patient education about multiple topics
  • Medication tracking and alerts

Technological innovation in healthcare can empower patients, families, and providers to keep them informed and help them make their own choices when it comes to their care. If used properly, it can also improve communication and patient/physician relationships.

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